June 30, 2022

Solar Panel Scams: 5 Red Flags For You To Spot

It’s no secret that solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce energy costs and help the environment. However, this popularity has also led to an increase in solar panel scams.

Suppose you’re thinking about installing solar panels at your home or business. In that case, it’s essential to be aware of these scams to avoid them.

In this blog post, Quest Solar Inc. will discuss five red flags to watch out for when considering a solar panel installation. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Flag 1: High-Pressure Tactics

A solar panel scammer will often try to pressure you into deciding on the spot. They may say that the offer is only valid for today or that a limited number of panels are available.

Investing in a solar power system is a big decision, and you should never feel pressured into making it. Take your time to research the options and compare different companies.

A reputable solar company will be happy to give you time to decide and won’t pressure you into signing immediately.

Flag 2: Government or Utility Poses

Discounts and tax credits often exist, but a solar panel scammer will often exaggerate the amount of money you can save. They will probably pose as a government or utility company representative to gain your trust.

Do research any solar discount programs in your area before rushing to a decision. This flag isn’t entirely fraudulent, as many reliable companies do exist that will help you take advantage of solar tax credits. However, it’s important to stay ahead and not let a solar scammer take advantage of you and your money.

Flag 3: Unrealistic Pricing

One major trick that, sadly, many people fall for is pricing that’s “too good to be true.” When you’re getting a quote from a solar panel company, always make sure to double-check the numbers.

An overly low price is more often than not a Pandora’s box. You won’t get the quality equipment promised to you, or the company will tack on extra fees later.

Do your research on a reasonable price for solar panels in your area, and don’t be afraid to ask around and compare quotes.

Flag 4: Leasing Panels

Purchasing solar panels can be expensive for some but trust us when we tell you that it’s far better than leasing your panels.

Leasing solar panels mean you don’t own the equipment and therefore can’t take advantage of certain tax breaks. To cut costs, a scammer might try to convince you that leasing is a better option.

If you’re finding it challenging to purchase up front, look into financing options with a trusted company like Quest Solar Inc.

Flag 5: No Contract

Probably the most obvious red flag is if a company tries to do business without a contract. A contract is essential because it protects both the customer and the company. It outlines what services will be provided, how much they will cost, and for how long.

If a solar panel company doesn’t want to give you a contract, that’s a huge warning sign and can result in legal trouble down the road.

The Sunny Side

Are you looking for a reputable solar panel company near you? Quest Solar Inc. has you covered. We provide top-quality solar panel installation services with a smile in all five boroughs of NYC.

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