September 21, 2023

Roof Requirements for Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation: Crucial Factors to Consider

Your Roof Must Be Structurally Sound

Solar panels are typically very heavy, so it's crucial that you know your roof can support the weight of them. Not every roof is stable and durable enough to support heavy weight, so it's better to know before installing them whether they are compatible with your roof.

Your Roof Must Have the Surface Area to Support the Panels

Sometimes the surface area of your home is made up of the height of the house rather than the width. Your roof may not be big enough to fit the number of solar panels you need. If you're considering getting solar panels, measure your roof to ensure they will fit.

Your Roof Must Be Able to Withstand Severe Weather

Your roof should be able to withstand a 1000-year weather event, such as snow in the desert, and it's crucial that your roof meets the same conditions when solar panels are installed. This will ensure that your roof can support both the weight of the solar panels and weather conditions.

Consider the Type of Roof and Its Condition

Have a professional inspect your roof before installing solar panels because certain roofing materials are more compatible with solar panels than others. A roof with shingles will work better with solar panels than other materials, such as clay or slate.

Work with Quest Solar

If you decide to install solar panels, work with a reputable company with many years of knowledge and experience. Quest Solar provides high-quality solar solutions that can help to decrease your energy costs. We can help you make the switch to solar, regardless of the property you have.

Visit our website to learn more about our solar installation options and how we can help with your solar needs. To request a free estimate, call 888-420-0822 today.


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