September 18, 2022

Perfect Conditioning In Pelham: When To Service Your HVAC System

Every dedicated HVAC system owner will understand that air conditioning service is crucial to maintaining the perfect indoor temperature. Otherwise, you and your family will have to face the fate of sweltering summers and miserable winters.

That’s why it’s essential to stay one step ahead and know when to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair or replacement. Quest Solar Inc. will advise you on the best time to service your air conditioner in this article.

When Should I Get It Done?

There’s a time for everything, and for your HVAC system, that time is before the season changes. It would be ideal if you got your air conditioner serviced at the beginning of spring and fall, so it’s working at full blast by the time summer and winter come around. This will save you the headache of a broken air conditioner in the middle of a heatwave or a power outage in the dead of winter.

How often you should get your air conditioner serviced depends on how old it is. If it’s a newer model, once a year should suffice. But if it’s an older model, you might want to get it serviced twice a year to be safe.

How Much Would It Cost?

We’re not going to lie; air conditioning service isn’t cheap. Still, it’s much better than buying a new air conditioner, which is what you’ll have to do if you don’t service your air conditioner.

So how much does air conditioning service cost? The answer is: it depends on the company you hire and the type of air conditioner you have. Generally, companies charge in two ways: at a standard flat rate or by the hour.

Regular maintenance for your HVAC system will cost you $140 to $220, and the average cost for air conditioning repair is between $300 and $700.

We recommend that you service your air conditioner at least once a year and more often if you’re exposed to humidity or dust.

When Should I Buy a New Air Conditioner?

The best time to invest in a new HVAC system is any time before your current system breaks down. But, of course, that’s not always possible or practical. If you do find yourself in need of a new air conditioner, the first step is to have a professional come and take a look at your current system.

They can help you determine if it’s time for an upgrade or if repair is a better option.

That’s where Quest Solar Inc. comes in. We offer reliable HVAC system services in Pelham, NY, to keep your home or office comfortable all year. Whether you require air conditioning service or heating repair, our team is here to help.

Don’t wait until you freeze or sweat to reach out. Save yourself and your HVAC and get your free quote today!

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